well-trained test drivers 

For the further validation of the developments tested on the closed track, our specialized and continuously trained staff is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.​

When hiring our colleagues, the main criteria are a proven criminal record, a customer-oriented approach, user-level computer and electronic knowledge, good technical sense, appropriate appearance and conversation level English.

During their employment, we resolve customer needs in all cases by complying with legal regulations.

Their extensive training serves to prepare them for the best performance of multifaceted tasks.

Their training topics include::

  • Groupama Premium or Driving Camp Intensive training "drop-in" driving technique training
  • Driving technical training for highly dynamic driving organized in-house
  • OEM accredited driving technical training, which is equivalent and accepted to Bosch CAR011 / Daimler T1 / BMW B1 or their level
  • Winter driving technique training
  • Prototype failure simulation training, BMW E1 or equivalent
  • PÁV I. exam, as well as preparations for self-driving training
  • TÜV L1 high-voltage training for handling electric cars
  • Knowledge of measurement systems: ADTF, CANape, CANalyzer
  • Basic knowledge of NCAP test tools: AEB, PAEB; CAEB
  • Knowledge of other driver support systems: Smart Headlight Control; Road Sign Recognition, Lane Keeping Support
  • Internal theoretical and practical further trainings

The tasks are organized, carried out and monitored by a project manager with the help of our company management system.

The complexity, extra content, and novelty of the task to be performed will determine whether a multiplier is needed for the theoretical parts, and a test coordinator is delegated for the practical implementation. After the tasks have been clarified, the customer is relieved of the burden of test driver training, task management and routine solutions to frequent breakdowns, as our experienced team performs these tasks during the entire assignment..

If the development activities of your company require the activities of our qualified test drivers, please contact our project manager directly at +36 70 607 8114.