Organizing and executing 

a road endurance test

Organizing and executing a road endurance test

One of the last phases of vehicle testing is the so-called endurance run, where the installed device's performance and reliable operation under all conditions must be proven with tests and measurements.

Our endurance test coordinators and background team take the full organization and administration off the shoulders of our customers (accommodation, travel, test vehicle transport, maintenance and repair, transmission of data carriers). In the planning phase - after getting to know the exact needs - our coordinators cover the desired destinations (POI points) with a precise itinerary, plan the daily tasks, shift changes and the costs incurred (road tolls, tunnel tolls, environmental protection zone tolls, etc.)

Based on our extensive experience, we try to compile our quotations according to the "necessary and sufficient" system of criteria, in order to provide a competitive price, but at the same time draw attention to all arising cost factors.


We undertake the pre-financing of the incurred costs during the entire duration of the project. After the project, we prepare an accurate, detailed and certified account of the incurred costs.

Accurate working time records

A feladatok elvégzéséhez pontos munkaidő-nyilvántartás készül a pontos projektelszámoláshoz.

Test driver

The tasks are performed by our own staff of test drivers trained as described on the previous pages.

Other parts of our services:

  • operation of the measuring equipment during the run
  • routine troubleshooting
  • interim delivery of recorded data to the client
  • continuous telephone or online contact with the customer to evaluate the runs or to discuss any questions or difficulties that may arise
  • online GPS-based vehicle tracking for the vehicles taken over
  • Dashcam event recording
  • labeling of collected data as required
  • summarizing the end-user experience as necessary - based on a preliminary system of criteria

We believe that our service is such a complex and comprehensive solution for our customers that with our application we can take a significant burden and work to be done off their shoulders.

If your company's development activities require the planning and execution of endurance tests, please contact our project manager directly at +36 70 607 8114.