Preparation and support of a

closed track vehicle test

Our qualified test operators comply with Euro NCAP regulations and as defined by our customers, so-called according to test scenarios, they prepare the testing area / environment (cordons, signals, buoys, safety warnings), assemble and configure the test equipment, and provide effective support to the test engineers performing the measurements and to the customers during the test.

After each use, the test devices operated as part of the test device management are inspected, repaired if necessary, and maintained at a predetermined rate by our test operators in order to ensure that the devices are continuously available for the next tests. 

We purchase and stock spare parts for devices that wear out, are damaged, and are prone to failure.

The regional Controller

With the support of our management colleagues, we respond flexibly to changing needs. In addition to maximum compliance with safety regulations, they support current customer tasks and the so-called ad-hoc requests.

The Test operator

Our test operators - as part of their insertion - master all test cases and the so-called test scenarios at a basic level, they gave an account of their knowledge in a survey, which is periodically rechecked.

The multiplier

The so-called knowledge carrier our multipliers constantly ensure that our work instructions are updated, professional knowledge is kept up-to-date and their documented transfer to the operative staff.

If you need a new test scenario, our experienced colleagues will help you with practical development, preparation of documentation and comprehensive training.

Receiving, installing, managing, configuring and basic programming of the most modern test equipment, as well as preparing documentation in Hungarian, are part of the daily tasks of our dedicated team.

Our service finds a solution to every challenge and proves it with satisfaction with its performance.

If your company also needs development and testing support, please contact our project manager directly at +36 70 607 8114.